Sunday, March 02, 2014

This Is What Immaturity Looks Like

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the viral video of the UCLA leftist throwing a profanity-laced tantrum after an anti-Israel resolution is voted down:

I'm like--this is how a student at one of our most prestigious state universities speaks?

F*@$...F*@$...F*@$---this is how a student at one of our most prestigious state universities speaks?  In public?

And I'm paying for this bedwetter's education.

(Here's a second link to the video, in case the one above ever goes away.)

Update, 3/3/14:  Here are two more links since the two above have already been removed.  Watch soon, these may get take-down notices!  Wouldn't you request such, if you were the banshee in the video?


maxutils said...

Just to put into context ... I thought it might be useful to put this into context ... I actually wanted to know what the vote was about:,0,2201815.story#axzz2uqBZ9ofD

So, there you go. Amusingly, I find the mockery needs to begin with the idea that this student's comments didn't address the issue itself, but rather how poorly her group had communicated it's point ...second, that it was a complete non-issue because it had no weight, and the university had already said they weren't divesting, no matter what. Then, to the communication skills, and the funding ... she was obviously emotional, and I would wager of Palestinian descent ... and as much as I support Israel, I'm also willing to admit that the Palestinians DID get kind of a raw deal (which their doing nothing to win favor for) I'll cut her a little slack. But ... yes, that was ridiculous, and she seems completely unfit for UCLA. But, you're subsidizing her education, now, not funding it. Tuitions and student portions have soared ... the real problem is an educational K-12 system which allowed her to graduate with such poor skills, and a UC admissions policy which has an admitted rate of between 50 and 60% unqualified students ...

allen (in Michigan) said...

"Tantrum" is the right word. The only thing that's missing is a conscious application of the term that describes the young lady because the term - child - is thought of as age-defined. I'm beginning to realize that immaturity is less defined by age then by behavior and this person provides an excellent case in point.

About the only thing she didn't do was throw herself on the floor kicking and threaten to hold her breath until she dies if she isn't given what she wants.

That what she wants is, at best, symbolic is immaterial. The young woman wants what she wants, she deserves it because she's aches for the injustice visited upon the downtrodden and if it's all a crock of crap she doesn't care. She could just as easily be throwing a tantrum because she didn't get a pony.

As for the Palestinians, they're violent persona is largely a function of a leadership which is corrupt and maintains itself by keeping the people it rides upon fixed upon an issue that's obviously resolvable if you raise your eyes from the Mideast.

I don't live too far from Dearborn, Michigan which has a large Arab enclave. Whatever claims are made by their relatives in the Mideast it's an issue that doesn't travel well because if they were so inclined those Arabs, including Palestinians, could easily engage in all sorts of mischief. There are certainly plenty of Jews in the area upon which they could rain their holy fire so what's the problem?

The problem is that the hostility is to a very great extent fomented and maintained by a leadership that has nothing to offer but more violence and seeks nothing beyond maintaining its power. Absent that leadership, as in Dearborn, the culturally indistinguishable people who strap on suicide vests in Isreal sell pita bread and baba ganoush to anyone who can pay.

In fact, the Arab population of the U.S. has proven to be a huge disappointment to the mujaheddin. Maybe it's something in our water or, and I think this is more likely, beyond the reach of their leaders Arabs, like pretty much everyone in this country, prefers to go about their lawful occasions. So it's not, nor has it ever been, a "Palestinian" problem but a "Palestinian leadership" problem.

maxutils said...

they're, of course ... damn homonyms

Anonymous said...

clearly someone has never taken a public speaking class and is definitely not a communications major.

Jean said...

Dangit, I saved it to watch later and now it's gone. Both of them.

Anonymous said...

Both links currently invalid.