Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Remember, Voter Fraud Is A "Myth"

That's what the lefties will tell you while railing against voter ID.  How might this have happened, then?
In what is one of the most bizarre cases I’ve heard in weeks, a Michigan woman was found mummified in her garage – six years after she actually died. Because she lived by herself, traveled a lot, paid her bills automatically and picked up her mail at the post office, neighbors just assumed she was out of town and took care of her yard for her.

In the most recent development, however, it seems that this woman, whom officials are certain died in winter of 2008, “voted” in Michigan’s 2010 gubernatorial election...
I'm sure it was just a typo.

Update, 3/14/14:  Another voter fraud problem, this time in Florida:
WBBH TV in Ft. Myers, Florida has performed a public service with its investigative reporting documenting non-US citizens voting regularly in local elections.
Democrats can't win without voter fraud. 

You think I'm a racist because I want people to show ID to prove they're eligible to vote?  Nelson Mandela wouldn't agree with you:


Someone who's good at math said...

One fraudulent vote. Probably cast for the GOP.

Big. Fricking. Deal. There were more than 7,000,000 registered voters in MI in 2010.

Given the pool, 1 vote is statistically "zero".

But you want to throw up every roadblock possible in attempts to disenfranchise low-income voters.


allen (in Michigan) said...

Actually, it's not much of a mystery at all. She lived in Pontiac and that's all that need be said.

In local political circles Pontiac is well known for it's laissez faire attitude toward such tedious subjects as educating kids, accounting for the public's money, criminal behavior of its elected officials and, of course, election fraud.

Ellen K said...

I've heard a couple of similar stories where elderly people without children died without it being reported and they kept cashing Medicare checks for year until they were ultimately caught.

Darren said...

I'd suggest the vote probably *wasn't* for the GOP. It's *you* who throws up roadblocks trying to prevent further evidence of voter fraud, anonymous. I have no desire to disenfranchise anyone who's not entitled to vote. I'm on record saying I'd have a state issue, free, an ID card proving citizenship so that person could vote. So your insinuation is not only wrong, it's that of an ass. And a liar. And a Democrat, whose party can't win without rampant voter fraud.

I'm curious, anonymous, do you support Obamacare? How much id is required for health insurance, which you no doubt want to *require* people to purchase? Is there anyone who *really* doesn't have ID? Really? They don't cash checks, they don't get prescriptions filled, they don't drive, they don't purchase alcohol or cigarettes, really? If there are, I'd rather absorb a state absorb the cost of issuing that person an ID than absorb the cost of fraudulent elections.

PeggyU said...

My concern is that voter ID won't be worth squat if the people entrusted with issuing IDs are as dishonest as some of these poll workers have proven to be. At this point, I'm leaning in favor of some sort of biometric identifier. I also think that in this day and age, it is too easy for a person to cast votes in different geographic areas (as in the case of some snowbirds), so there should be a means of ensuring that once a person has voted in an election, any additional ballots cast in that person's name are null and void and may trigger a fraud investigation.

maxutils said...

The argument about asking for ID when one votes is absolutely ridiculous. It doesn't matter whether it's 0, 1 or 10 million cases of voter fraud: there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't verify your identity before you do. As for the poor being unfairly impacted? You were aware that a government ID is required to apply for food stamps, health care, unemployment insurance, and the like, right? Why is that fair? Somehow, the poor manage to do that ...