Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Don't Want To Hear Anything From These Crybabies

They have the highest fees in the UC system?  Screw 'em:
Among the nine University of California undergraduate campuses, UC Davis charges the highest student fees, largely to support its emerging Division I athletics program and amenities like a state-of-the-art recreation center and upgraded coffee house.

The $1,703.66 UCD charges for the current school year is more than triple the lowest campus fee of $504.91 at UCLA, though that school has an additional one-time document fee of $165 for freshmen. The individual campus fees come on top of the systemwide $12,192 tuition set by UC regents.

Fees at other campuses range from $671.50 at UC Berkeley – plus a freshman-year document fee of $344 – to $1,554.48 at UC Santa Barbara, the closest to UC Davis. 
UC Davis is the school at which the students recently voted to increase their fees to pay for a school newspaper that is valued so little by students that it couldn't survive without a mandatory fee.  In that regard it's kind of like the California Teachers Association :-)

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/03/16/6240782/uc-davis-student-fees-are-highest.html#storylink=cpy


maxutils said...

Well, these 'crybabies' may actually have a couple of points. As a D2 school particularly in football, UCD was having an increasingly hard time scheduling opponents and signing athletes. That might not be important to you, but it was to UCD students ... important enough that we voted to go D1, and pay for it ourselves, since UCB and UCLA appeared to be the only ones the state cared about. Similarly, the old coffee house was about a 50' x 50' room that attempted to serve food on campus to a large percentage of students ... and the y did well (after hours, too ... among others, The Police and Dire Straits played there). As the University increased enrollment , they were way to small to provide any kind of service... but, at that time, infrastructure requests had dried up; they needed to expand, but there was no more money. UCB, UCLA, UCSD ... no problems there. But UCD had to vote to fund the expansion itself. Same with the paper. This really ticks me off -- UCD is doing nothing that any other UC doesn't do (athletics a minor exception -- but that's always been a strong area) but doesn't get the same funding that other UCs get ... and then your'e complaining that the Aggies don't find it fair? Ridiculous.

Ellen K said...

University decisions made by Student Government may or may not represent the will of the student body. When UNT proposed to add a ten dollar per credit hour fee to students tuition to fund their glitzy new "green" stadium, it was initially during the Spring term voted down. So they had a revote during the summer after stacking the student government board with members of the Greek system and various athletic teams and it passed, although by a slim margin. Most students use none of the facilities since they are located across I35 from the main campus. So $1500 per semester and eighte semesters in a four year college career amounts to $12,000 per student for a stadium. And this same university just upped tuition and created a new mandate that students taking longer than four years to graduate will pay more per credit hour. For a middle income working student, that means either they not work and take out more loans to pay tuition now, or work and pay a penalty for doing so. Rich kids and kids getting full rides don't bear this burden, middle income students do. In a way it's an illustration of what is happening in our nation at large. No matter what, the middle class pays.