Saturday, March 22, 2014

And I Chose To Do This, Why?

Today I was checking out all the goodies at Sam's Club and saw a nice looking kitchen faucet with pull-out squirter and a soap dispenser.  My current squirter hasn't worked in forever, and the faucet drips unless the handle is placed in exactly the center position (which actually works well with my OCD!), so I bought it.

Removing the old faucet?  Easy.
Connecting the water?  Easy.
Determining I connected the water lines backwards?  Easy.
Changing the water lines?  Not as easy as connecting them the first time, but got it done.
Connecting the squirter hose?  NOT EASY!  It was a different kind of connection and it was making my life a living hell.  Why do squirters not like me?

OK, got the end--just have to install the soap dispenser now.  And you know what?  The hole in my sink is only 1" and this particular dispenser requires a 1.25" hole.  I've learned that it's not the easiest thing in the world to ream out a hole in a stainless steel sink :)  I've got my ace "tool guy" borrowing a tool for me, one we believe will make light work of this task.  Should be able to get it within a week.

The soap dispenser installation is very easy once the hole is done.  And then I'll have an awesome sink faucet, one much cooler looking and without the cheap plastic squirter I've had for years.

That took up more of my day than I'd care to admit!

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Ellen K said...

Home repair is a can of worms. We're in the middle of finishing one bathroom so we can gut the other one courtesy of plumbing leaks. The problem is that if your house is older than 10 years old, the standards on almost everything have changed. Trying to put in a new faucet on the old vanity in the guest bathroom took my husband six hours. And he's done this kind of thing before. I think somewhere manufacturers think if they make things hard enough to replace and make the price in the store along with the price of your time prohibitive, you will spend more money on contractors.