Monday, January 20, 2014

Latest Audiobook

I've written before about how I got involved in listening to audiobooks while doing my morning run on the elliptical trainer. 

The first book I listened to was the 30-hour book John Adams, on which the HBO miniseries was based.  When that was finished I listened to Longitude, about the 18th century search for an accurate method of determining longitude at sea; I just finished that book this weekend.

I've downloaded Augustus and will spend the next couple weeks learning about the Roman Empire's first emperor.  If I listen to it only while on the elliptical I'll be listening to it into March!


Mrs. Widget said...

Consider It works like netflix. I commuted long distances. _Salt_ was interesting.

W.R. Chandler said...

If you haven't seen the John Adams miniseries, I highly suggest you watch it.