Sunday, January 05, 2014

Just A Reminder

America, you made a mistake in November 2012.


Ellen K said...

You might want to read this sad but true story of my family. My son broke his ankle on January 1st. The rest is a pattern that's going to be repeated on a scale of stress and anger the White House never imagined.

And by the way, yes, America got caught up in the American Idol presidency and made a huge mistake in 2012.

Darren said...

As I just commented on Ellen K's blog post, what kind of insurance does he have that doesn't include emergency room visits?

Anonymous said...

Darren: "...what kind of insurance does he have that doesn't include emergency room visits?"

You are asking the wrong question. The correct question is: How large is the deductible for non-routine care (e.g. annual checkup) before the insurance company starts covering things?

For a "Bronze"-ish plan in California, the answer is "about $6K". After you have ponied up the $6K, the insurance kicks in. The ER folks are worried about Ellen K's son not having $6K(*).

The company I work for had our insurance aligned to ObamaCare bins (Bronze, Silver, Gold) this year, even though the employer mandate was put off a year and things *could* have stayed the same for us in 2014. My deductible is higher than it was (though my monthly insurance bill may be lower).

-Mark Roulo

(*) The ER folks are required to see everyone, but they are not required to provide "any random" health care. Ellen's son's ankle is not life-threatening, so they don't have to do anything for free. It it was life-threatening, then they'd be required to stabilize him (for free, if necessary).

Ellen K said...

Or, if I had taken him to Parkland (Dallas County's public hospital) and he had pretended to have no job or insurance, he would have gotten at least some help for free. The deal is he was stupid enough to buy insurance. I'm sure if he was uninsured there's some sort of program to cover that contingency. he meantime it's January 8th, he had four hours of surgery yesterday and today they shoved him out the door with a bottle of pain meds. Like I said, this is what Obamacare has created and the outcomes are going to get ugly. He was just unlucky enough to be a first adopter. Of course, after this everything is free....sure.