Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Global Warming and The Left

What to do when Mother Nature doesn't comport with your ideology?
You gotta hate interrupting a comic like Jon Stewart in a state of high dudgeon by peeing in the left’s punchbowl. But his entire rant blasting Fox News for the presumably fallacious premise that subzero temperatures defy the enviroleft’s global warming dogma is misleading.

Weather is just the ironic premise for discussing the subject. What Stewart’s entertaining stemwinder is missing one thing: evidence. Weather has nothing to do with the right’s objections to global warming dogma.

Not just one, but FIVE major datasets used in climate science research show that global temperatures are flat for the last 17 years, despite the rise of Carbon Dioxide levels to 400 parts per million in earth’s atmosphere...

Stewart’s rant shows the power of satire and ridicule, which the left uses in lieu of an actual argument nowadays. The Comedy Central host can cherry-pick the bragadocious Donald Trump as an exemplar of the other side’s argument, and then “freeze, personalize and polarize” him so that other people ‘don’t want to be like Donald Trump.’
I heard on the radio today that it's colder in some parts of the US right now that it is on much of Mars.  That's an interesting comparison, given that the Left's ideology is "out there".


allen (in Michigan) said...

What to do when Mother Nature doesn't comport with your ideology?

Change the subject. Change the goal. Change the rhetoric. Change the rationale. Change anything necessary except the underlying premise which is that some people are better, smarter, etc then other people and those better, smarter people should be directing those who are less so.

Ellen K said...

Back when all of the hoopla over Gore and AGW was starting, my daughter was in AP Physics. Her teacher discussed how the poles of this planet migrate periodically creating weather shifts. Note how the media has adopted the term "Polar Vortex" while explaining this usually stays much further north for some reason it has migrated south. This would also account for the strange resurgence of the Antarctic ice floes which previously had been in retreat in the view of AGW researchers.