Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Do We Really Need To Teach This In School?

From Joanne's blog, complete with video :-)
A poster listing sex acts isn’t appropriate for 13-year-olds, says a Missouri father. The school says it’s part of the sex education curriculum.


Ellen K said...

Totally inappropriate and I would think embarrassing to the students AND teachers.

maxutils said...

This is just bizarre. I watched the video, and ... what would a 13 year old, or anyone who *presumably* needed to learn about sex possibly gain from this? I mean, seriously ... none of the acts are explained, no risks are suggested, and hugging and dancing are on the list. And sexual fantasy? Seriously? I think we need to work from the assumption that a child of 13 probably has a pretty good idea of how sex occurs ... I did. My daughter did. My son who's 11 does...what's important is to clarify issues that are health related, and identify risks they might not know about. That may involve discussing some of the activities on the poster, but slapping it up on a wall or door or whatever doesn't do that.