Friday, December 13, 2013

I Should Perform an Observational Study

Earlier this week, when the temperature during my prep period was in the 30s, I noticed no "roamers", no students in the halls during class time.  (For those of you *not* from California, we don't have many "indoor" schools here.  Our classroom doors open to the outdoors.)  Today, the temperature could have been in the low 50s--and the roamers were out.

I wonder what the temperature cutoff point is at which students would rather stay in class than wander about.

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Auntie Ann said...

The results would certainly be path-dependent. A cold day following a string of warm days would result in one answer; but the same temperature, if it comes after several bitterly cold days, would have more people glad to finally be able to get out.

That's why in cold climates people put their jackets on when the temperature drops into the 60's in the fall, but take them off when the temp rises into the 40's in the spring.