Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Final Exam Tomorrow

Send good thoughts my way!

Update, 12/19/13:  Assuming a 90% allows me to keep an A (or A-), I only needed 40-something percent on the final today to get such an A in the course.   I'm fairly sure that I scored at least that much!  And now I don't have to think of my own education for a few weeks.  Whew.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck!! Have a great day tomorrow!

We had a full day of school today 7:20-2:20.

Two 90min finals in the morning, my plan hour was cancelled, 25min lunch, and another 90min final exam.

I survived!! Woo!! Hoo!!

Anonymous said...

Obviously I'm exhausted and it didn't register that YOU are taking a final tomorrow.

Best wishes!

I'm sure you'll nail it!

Steve USMA '85 said...

Army beats Navy...Army beats Navy...Army beats Navy...