Monday, October 14, 2013

Yet Another "Zero Tolerance" Story

Schools really should focus only on events that relate to school and leave everything else to parents or law enforcement:
Erin’s friend called sober Erin. Erin drove to a home on Main Street in Boxford and worked her way through a wild scene of partying teens until she finally found that friend — just as police from Boxford, Haverhill, Georgetown and North Andover showed up. They arrested a dozen underage drinkers and warned another 15 underage youths that they’d be summoned to court for drinking.

Erin Cox was one of those told she’d be summoned for drinking — even though she wasn’t, even though Boxford police Officer Brian Neeley vouched for her sobriety in writing in a statement Erin’s mother, Eleanor, took to court Friday. She filed a lawsuit hoping to reverse the high school’s punishment: Erin was stripped of her captain’s position and suspended, mid-season, for five games.
When we do such stupid things we teach children that we are unthinking, unfair, capricious goons, and that rules and laws are there to trip us up rather than to protect us. 

Good job, North Andover High School idiots.  You've made us all look bad.

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allen (in Michigan) said...

You really are missing the point Darren.

Those unthinking, unfair, capricious goons know they're largely beyond answering for their thoughtlessness, capriciousness and goon-like ways. They know it and, I suspect, you know it as well.

They didn't get to be who and what they are by accident; the public education system both allows such behavior and rewards it.

Change the one and the other changes.