Saturday, October 12, 2013

Too Much

Think you'd ever see such a spectacle for conservative kids?
Los Angeles public schools are encouraging teachers and staff to wear badges that identify them as “LGBT allies” and supporters of the pro-gay movement.

Superintendent John Deasy kicked off the effort Thursday, which he said was necessary to prevent gay kids from being bullied.

“We want all our youth and staff to know that it is safe to be you in LAUSD,” said Deasy in a statement to the Los Angeles Times.

The move is part of the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center’s “Out for Safe Schools” initiative.

The front sides of the badges have the word “ally” written on them in several different languages, which will help teachers celebrate the fabulousness of gay students, gay fellow teachers, and other gays, whose gayness automatically merits universal applause and celebration. Allies are straight supporters of gay people and gay marriage...

In an interview with CBS News, Deasy made clear that he wanted school staff to be not just tolerant of gay kids, but accepting.
I'm tolerant of all sorts of kids and their actions and beliefs, but I don't accept all of them.  But let's continue:
School officials did not specify what steps they would be taking to encourage teachers to extol students on the basis of their sexual orientation, nor did any local media ask about teachers who decline to join in the observance.
(In best Lowell Thomas voice) This is California.

Update, 10/13/13:  Oh, and lest you think I'm just a homophobe, I voluntarily have had a pink triangle "safe" zone sign on my front board.  For years.  On the back board, by the door, I have a "political safe zone" sign, letting conservatives know that my room is a "safe zone" for their beliefs.


Ellen K said...

In support of Wiccan students, I will wear a pointy hat and attempt to cast spells. Is that what they want?

Jerry Doctor said...

We don't need no stinking badges!