Monday, October 14, 2013

The Golden State

What parts of the Golden State are the most liberal, the closest to utopia?  Two of these same areas, and the third is changing from conservative to liberal:
San Francisco, Orange County, and Los Angeles rank as the least affordable markets in the entire country.  Only 14 percent of homes for sale in San Francisco are currently affordable to the middle class (and this is tech central).  Orange County and Los Angeles rank at 23 and 24 percent respectively...

At least when it comes to real estate, California is no place for the middle class.
Good job, California.


Anonymous said...

I never hated my home state as much as you hate yours. And I moved out of it and to California. On purpose.

West coast is the best coast and there's no better state in the union than The Golden State of California!

I guess some people just like to complain. Whatevs.

Left Coast Conservative said...

You are correct. It is also no place for retirees: we're leaving.

Darren said...

I remember what it used to be--which *wasn't* a laughingstock. Sure, people used to joke about "the land of fruits and nuts", but there was always some respect or admiration behind the joke. There isn't anymore.

I don't hate. I'm sad. There's a big difference.