Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Difference Between This Morning and Tomorrow Afternoon

This past Monday evening my son, his mother, and I went to the recruiter's office.  She and I signed consent forms, and my son signed up for the Army's Delayed Entry Program.  He signed up for a 5-year commitment as a Military Policeman.

This morning when he left for school was the last time (for a very long time) that I'll see him as a civilian.

After school today the recruiters took him to a hotel, and at zero-dark-thirty tomorrow they'll take him and several others downtown for medical exams.  Assuming he passes the medical exam, some time between 12:30 and 5:00 tomorrow afternoon he'll be sworn in.

I'll be there.  Beaming.  And maybe, just maybe, the slightest bit hesitant.  Maybe I want to hold on just a little bit longer :-)


teachjoep said...

Congratulations on raising such a fine young man, and thank you to your son for his service to our country.

PeggyU said...

Congrats, Darren, on launching a fine young man. :)