Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Definition of Hypocrisy

If the press were doing the role expected of it by the Founders, instead of being a partisan cheerleader en masse, the current president would never have been reelected.  How else to explain the lack of attention to clear hypocrisy:
Remember when President Obama was showered with kudos for his 2011 speech calling for "more civility in our public discourse"? He sure isn't practicing today what he preached then...

But, as a sample of his recent words used to attack Republicans proves, he hasn't followed his own advice:
• "Putting a gun to the American people's head."
• "One party in Congress might blow the whole thing up if they don't get their way."
• "Extortion."
• "Demand ransom."
• "Burn down your house."
• "Hold people hostage or engage in ransom-taking to get a hundred percent of your way."
• "Reckless Republican shutdown."
• "Little kids ... have been sent home from the safe places where they learn and grow every single day."
• "Making it more difficult for us to respond to potential natural disasters" (during a visit to the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Monday).
• "Say to your boss ... unless I get a raise right now and more vacation pay ... I'm going to break the equipment."
• "Burn down the plant or your office if you don't get your way."
On CNN last week, moreover, senior Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer called Republicans "people with a bomb strapped to their chest." Yet at the Tuesday press conference, Obama actually quipped that "what the American people, I think, expect is just civility."
This list doesn't include what Nancy, Harry, and others in government say.

Update:  Here are Nancy, Harry, and others:

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Ellen K said...

You might enjoy my take on this whole thing. If nothing else read John Kass column on Halloween. I think he speaks for many of us.