Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Hard To Feel Sorry For Them When So Many Voted For The Guy

More and more people are already getting screwed by Obamacare:
Universities are cutting back on adjunct professors’ work hours to comply with Obamacare–an unfortunate wake up call for some liberal academics who supported the law.

“I understand that colleges don’t have money to throw around and there’s a larger issue here, but it is frustrating to feel like, that in the face of this legislation designed to help people, that instead it’s hurting people,” said Amy Poff, an adjunct professor who teaches art classes at various Maryland colleges, in a statement to The Baltimore Sun.

Under the president’s health care law, employees who work 30 hours each week are eligible for health benefits. Since many adjunct professors teach enough classes to meet that bar, college administrators must choose between paying extra healthcare costs or cutting back adjunct work hours.

For many universities–both public and private–the decision is an easy one: punish the adjuncts.
Who could possibly have foreseen this consequence of Obamacare?  Answer: anyone not blinded by socialism in the first place.


LeftCoastRef said...

My school district is now limiting Substitute teachers to a maximum of 3 days a week to avoid the requirement of supplying health benefits.

Subs. Many whose only job is substitute teaching. Now they can't even make their piddly $500/wk working everyday. ObamaCare: We had to pass it to find out what was in it. And now those Dems that voted for the guy are backpedaling. Un. Real.

Mr. W said...

Didn't Pelosi put the writing on the wall with her comment of, "we'll find out what's in it once we pass it?"

pseudotsuga said...

I have a solution--hire adjunct administrators. Sauce for the goose, etc.

Happy Elf Mom said...

We're going to be paying over $1000/mo just in healthcare premiums alone. Not even counting dental and copays or anything. And we sure didn't vote for this clown or any of the others who passed this crap through. What's really awful is that people think this is a step "forward" to a one-payer system. Really. :/

Ellen K said...

I agree, it's hard to have sympathy for the voters who believed someone else, probably "evil industrialists" would pay for their "free" healthcare. The sad thing is this is impacting everyone. If the goal, as stated, was to provide access to insurance for those who could not afford it, there was no need for such an overreach. This isn't about healthcare or insurance-it is about providing a handy mechanism to take money from the middle class and give it to the "deserving poor" in services. Unfortunately many employers have to make the choice between dropping insurance or dropping employees. It's a heartbreaking decision for small businesses, many of whom are more like families. In the meantime, many of the recent grads are struggling just to find part time work. My son has two, sometimes three, part time jobs. He's been quoted $200 a month plus a $10K to $12K deductible. That's gas money. That's grocery money. And he's not alone. Whatever happened to "focusing like a laser beam" on jobs, the economy, foreign relations-on which of these has Obama proved successful?