Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Testing, The Horror

Our district has implemented a benchmark testing program.  We've purchased a program that adapts subsequent questions based on student responses to prior questions; obviously, it's computer-based.

And the company's server had problems today, so testing at schools all across the country was screwed up.  It was a nightmare.

Apparently yesterday's testing was as smooth as a baby's bottom, but today's was a bumpy as a 15-year-old acne-sufferer's face after eating a pound of chocolate.

You know what always works?  A paper and pencil.


Auntie Ann said...

Our kid's school went to computerized standardized testing last year. They also had a day-long glitch. I'm not sure if it was on the school's end or on the testing service's end, but the kids had to have a make-up-day for the test.

Anonymous said...

Bet you're doing MAPs?? Ohio had big problems, too--system crashing 1/2 through their tests.
And our PTB had us give the wrong ELA test--I am about ready to scream.This has been the most stressful beginning of school in 30 years of teaching. 6th principal in 8 years, and this one is NOT good! Wanted us to do the MAPS starting on the second day of school: kids did not have signed AUPs, class lists were in limbo, and since he came from elementary--didn't have a clue that we might need that first week to get procedures and expectations in place (and some little 11th grade snots straightened out about behavior!)
I am looking at retirement with new eyes!

Anonymous said...

And let me tell you; this fancy dancy expensive MAPs told me what I already knew: my students need to learn every darn thing I can possibly get into their brains about reading and writing (oh, their "writing", my Lord, how did they get to 9th or 10th grade and not be able to write a paragraph? Oh, I know-IT ISN'T TESTED IN middle school so we don't do grammar and writing-said by the m/s principal last year.)
Sorry for ranting; this has been a week for the books.