Sunday, August 11, 2013


Shortly after I graduated from West Point, while still on graduation leave, I spent a week as a counselor at Sly Park at a Space Camp for high school students.  It was my 3rd time at Sly Park--first as a student in 6th grade for a week, next as a 12th grade counselor for 6th graders for a week, and lastly at the Space Camp.  Boys' cabins there are named after animals and girls cabins are named after trees.  I stayed in Porcupine all three times, I am a firm believer in Pork Power.

One night at Space Camp several of the instructors brought out telescopes, and it was then, for the first time, I saw Saturn and its rings.  What an amazing sight!  Was I any less excited than Galileo when he first saw them?  Absolutely beautiful.

That was in 1987. 

A couple years ago I showed them to my son in his telescope, but he never developed the passion for looking in his telescope that I had as a kid looking in mine at the moon.  His telescope just takes up space in his room.

A few nights ago I was out for a walk and wondered what that bright star, obviously a planet, was, so I broke out the phone and fired up Google Sky Map (I wish Star Walk was available for Android) and learned it was Saturn. Last night I took the telescope out and aimed it. 

I don't think the excitement of seeing the rings of Saturn diminishes with repeated experience.

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