Saturday, August 31, 2013

"No Longer" A Planetary Emergency?

When was it ever?
World Federation of Scientists changes its policy: “Climate change in itself is not a planetary emergency.”
Update, 9/1/13: Link fixed now. Sorry!

Update #2, 9/1/13:  You've got to love stories like this, a knock-off of the Gore Effect:
If you want to tempt fate, organize an expedition to one of the polar regions to call attention to the perils of global warming. The outcome is foreordained....


PeggyU said...

Linky no worky. :(

LeftCoastRef said...

Mr. ROTLC, did you happen to see/hear about this back in March? I saw this the other day and was stunned.

Darren said...

LCR, I had not. Interesting, certainly worth considering.