Sunday, August 04, 2013

My Trip To Visit The Grimaldis Started Most Inauspiciously

Sacramento International, 10:16 am
Freakin' TSA-holes. Minimum wage-caliber employees given the full power of the US government to be stupid. I went through the scanner and, as will happen the rest of my life, a dot showed up on my left knee; long-time readers of this blog might remember that there's a screw in that knee due to a skiing injury over 2 years ago. Anyway, I'm wearing shorts that go down just about to my knee, and the only thing showing up on the scanner output is a small dot on my knee. The government employee genius deems it necessary to grope both of my legs to ensure I'm not going to blow the plane up.

Shortly after arriving at the gate I'm called by name up to the counter. Seems that my flight is running late and I'll miss my connection. I've been put on a direct flight in 4 hours—lovely place to spend 4 hours, this airport is—but here's the kicker. I'm flying Southwest, and when I checked in I got an early boarding group number. On this flight 4 hrs later, though, I'm in a late boarding group. I'm surprised Southwest can't do better than this.

Yes, I admit these are First World problems, but by definition they're still problems. In the grand scheme of things they aren't horrific, but neither is an itchy mosquito bite—but no one likes those, either.

If I were really visiting the Grimaldis instead of merely staying at a hotel named after their principality, I'd see what they can do for me. Instead, I make do for the next 4 hours.

Las Vegas, 4:24 pm
There was a direct flight to Las Vegas an hour and a half after my original flight, but it was so full they thought it would be oversold.  Instead there were 3 seats open, so I got on that flight as the last person to board.  Still, there was room in the overhead for my bag and I got an emergency row seat, albeit a middle one.  Additionally, I got to Las Vegas within 10 minutes of when my original flight was supposed to arrive.  No problems checking in--and internet access is included in my mandatory "resort fee" so I'm darn sure going to use it!

Valley of Fire State Park tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it :-)


maxutils said...

Argh. Memories of Florida.

Happy Elf Mom said...

Anyone devious enough to get surgery to implant a weapon, and wait for the scar to heal over before boarding a plane, has got to be the most brilliant terrorist ever. The trick is getting the weapon out mid-flight.

Have a good trip! :)

Ellen K said...

My husband and I were in LA last week. One thing I gained from going through that airport is that DFW doesn't get enough credit for organization and common sense. Despite ridiculously long lines, there were only two agents running the show and they were slow and often it seems they were deliberately making things more difficult. I've been in many major airports and frankly LAX is a mess. Atlanta is slower, Chicago is busier, but LAX takes the cake for disorganization.

Anonymous said...

Happy Elf Mom will be interested to read this.