Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just Weird, Or Crazy?

I'm leaning towards labeling this principal a psycho.  Did none of the teachers or staff tell him this was more than just a little sick?
A supposed safety measure mandating students at a California elementary school kneel before administrators in order to be dismissed will be stopped, school district officials said this week...

It was not immediately clear how the kneeling of students related to campus safety or the instillation of positive behavior in the elementary school students.
After that teaser you know you want to go read the whole thing!


maxutils said...

Crazy. And unbelievable.

Anna A said...

I read the comments, and at least one person mentioned that it was to control the children from rushing. Seems that a girl got a broken arm from being run over by bigger students.

However, I think that there are better ways to prevent the problem.