Monday, August 12, 2013

It's Different When The Shoe's On The Other Foot

Remember that the people squealing like a stuck pig here in this case are the same ones who cheered on the Bush assassination movie:
Liberals are so upset about Obama the Clown that they forgot to protest the mistreatment of animals at the rodeo where the clown appeared.

As for misuse of taxpayer dollars, is he serious? Clowning is a performance art and the last I looked, free expression was still part of the Constitution. After all, the taxpayers funded "Piss Christ" some years ago and I don't recall the argument being in widespread use on the left that Robert Maplethorpe's execrable piece of "art" shouldn't have been protected just because the taxpayers footed the bill.

One can argue if the performance of the clown was in good taste. It wasn't. It was horrible. But I find it laughable that liberals are complaining about how Obama is portrayed as a clown when his predecessor was often depicted with clown make-up (a few examples here).

And no, it wasn't "borderline illegal" either. That's nonsense. Any criticism of Obama could give the mentally unstable ideas. Jay Leno gives nuts ideas of harming the president. Should he be arrested too?


Peggy U said...

Let's take a little trip in the way back machine ... August 19, 1994

maxutils said...

"Sensitivity training for rodeo clowns" ...not a phrase I thought I would ever hear.