Friday, August 30, 2013

Education Myths

I don't think I disagree with a thing this man said either about K-12 education or higher education.


allen (in Michigan) said...

I don't have any disagreement with Murray so much as a complaint about an oversight.

His recounting of various facts is beyond any reasonable disagreement but that's where he comes to a stop. Now, that might be due to the limitations of the event, that he's only supposed to discuss what is rather then why, but without an analysis of the "why" the "what is" makes no sense. Maybe at the event from which this video's extracted Murray, or some other panelist, gets into the "why", or maybe I'm peculiar in wanting to know the "why" but the lack makes the speech valueless for understanding the problem.

PeggyU said...

In a similar manner, the medical profession is being held accountable for the outcomes of health care. A friend of mine made this observation:

Making the "medical profession" (by dictum, through legislation) responsible
for "public health" is like making schools responsible for intelligence.