Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cheerleading Outfits

Several Florida high schools are restricting or even banning their own cheerleading uniforms -- saying the skimpy skirts violate dress codes.

High schools in Pinellas County are not allowing cheerleaders to wear their uniforms during the school day because of the outfits' short skirt and sleeveless top, TampaBayTimes.com reported. For generations, cheerleaders have donned their gear during the school day for pep rallies before Friday night football games.

"If it's an approved school uniform -- which it was approved, by the administration, years ago -- why is it out of dress code?" Christine Johnson, whose daughter is a junior on Countryside's varsity squad, told TampaBayTimes.com. "And why can they wear it in front of thousands of people at a football field if they can't wear it on game day at school?"
What a stupid argument. A wrestling singlet is an approved uniform, for a sport—for that matter, so is a Speedo—but it’s not necessarily appropriate in public or in class.


KauaiMark said...

I once had to show up for a regular HS P.E. class in a Speedo because the school screwed up and didn't have me on the swim team list.

Didn't inform me until the I showed up for swim practice.

The next day I was back in the pool pulling laps.

Ellen K said...

The cheerleaders' outfits now are FAR different than they were just a decade ago. Skirts are shorter and tighter-quite often with bloomers underneath(yes that's what they are called) that have words on them. The tops are often midriff revealing. I'm sorry, but if the rest of the student body has to abide by some reasonable dress codes so do cheerleaders. Hey, here's a blast from the past, on game day our athletes have to dress up-guys where dress pants and ties, girls wear appropriate dressy wear. It's time to stop thinking that being a cheerleader is some sort of holy mission.

Darren said...

Ellen, your statement about "being a cheerleader is some sort of holy mission" made me laugh out loud. Not just type LOL, but actually laugh out loud!