Monday, June 17, 2013

Will This Ever Happen In California?

My guess is no, but we'll see:
In response to Newtown shootings, some states move to put guns in classrooms


Rhymes With Right said...

Rick Perry just vetoed the bill to do this that our legislature passed. One more reason this Texas Republican teacher wants him gone.

Left Coast Conservative said...

AB202 was proposed this year in Sacramento to establish a School Marshall program. This bill failed to pass in the Assembly Education Committee on Feb. 17, 2013, and thus died.

I do not think that there ever will be a day that a California school will permit citizens to carry guns on schools, even though I believe that the few holders of California CCW permits can do so perfectly legally. I would bet that in the event that California goes shall-issue, that schools would be made prohibited places.

Most Californians do not think that guns in public provide any social utility, and are against people other than the police being armed in public. I do not expect that to ever change.

allen (in Michigan) said...

I put the passage of shall issue, in California, at five years or so in the future. Possibly less.

Nationally, the anti-Second Amendment organizations are done. They have essentially no input to the legislative process and Obama seems uninterested in using the executive order mechanism to advance the anti-Second Amendment agenda beyond some cursory nods in their direction.

So the momentum is clearly in favor of those who support the Second Amendment and it's only at the state level, and not many states, that the anti-Second Amendment forces have much influence. Even in those states though support for anti-Second Amendment sentiment is very much a matter of the personal preferences of elective officials. Even in California the anti-Second Amendment organizations are a shadow of their former selves.

That'll change when California or New York have their version of a Dingell versus Rivers primary fight and the anti-Second Amendment candidate gets trounced.

Nothing so focuses the mind's of incumbents as the prospect of losing their seat.

Darren said...

When I need ammo I'll just make a trip to Reno.