Thursday, June 06, 2013

Why I Do What I Do

The following tag was attached to a bottle of wine and a gift certificate and was delivered to me on behalf of my (anonymous) Parent Secret Pal on the last day of school yesterday:
I don't teach where I do because of gifts.  I teach there because of the thoughtfulness, appreciation, and kindness of so many in the community.  What more could a teacher ask for than the sentiment shown above?

Another example of this generosity and thoughfulness is the lunch that was put on for the staff by our PTSA on Tuesday.  Talk about a spread!  I kid you not, there was even a guy outside the library (where we held the luncheon) grilling chicken for us!  And it came out perfectly.

Yes, we have some annoying parents.  We have some annoying students.  But we have so many more like the one who made the tag above, and who put on 2 luncheons a year for us.

I am grateful.


MikeAT said...

I take it that goes with a piece of concrete and a letter..

Ellen K said...

Congratulations. It's nice to know that parents support and appreciate your efforts.