Monday, June 17, 2013

In Favor Of Suspension

From Joanne Jacobs:
Suspension helps create safe, orderly, schools — and tells parents they share responsibility for their child’s behavior, writes Eva Moskowitz, founder of Success Academies in the New York Post...

Sending a child home for a day or two puts the burden of children’s misbehavior on the parents, Moskowitz writes. “Many politicians give lip service to supporting teachers — yet would undermine them by depriving them of the tools they need to create a safe learning environment.”
An imbedded link likens a suspension to a "time out" at home, and states explicitly that "order and civility" are crucial elements of effective schools.  I assert they are, in terms we math people love, "necessary but not sufficient" elements.

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momof4 said...

I want disruptive students removed from classes because they interfere with the educational opportunities of their classmates. I have no problem with in-school suspension (perhaps a room, with classical music, of individual study carrels with no-internet computer work), supervised by a former military non-com, for class clowns and other minor misbehavior. Those who bully or assault others or use weapons belong in what used to be called reform school.