Saturday, June 01, 2013

College Majors, Unemployment, and Earnings

I love this quote from this post:
People who make technology are still better off than people who use technology. Unemployment rates for recent graduates in information systems, concentrated in clerical functions, is high (14.7%) compared with mathematics (5.9%) and computer science (8.7%). (italics mine--Darren)

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A couple of years ago I posted on the oil shale boom in South Dakota. We have our own in Texas. New York and California has that potential, but with Brown and Cuomo in charge, we're not expecting competition. But here is a great quote from that post:

...A few feet away, Jacob Austin continues to play his guitar, now joined by Gahn, who's singing his gunslinger song.

Austin, who grew up in California, found the job here through Craigslist. He was living in Montana at the time, had already worked in Alaska and was ready for his next adventure.

In addition to his kitchen duties, he's also the camp garbage man. It's not glamorous, but it is lucrative.

"I'm making more now than I would've if I would've gone to college," Austin says.

"I was going to go to school for alternative energy — and here I am in the oil field.

"So much for solar panels."