Tuesday, April 23, 2013

US Air Force Academy Has Turned Out At Least One Man With Huevos

I like this guy--and he looks like former 49ers great Steve Young:

Turns out he's a 2001 graduate of the Air Force Academy.

Piers Morgan is a chickens**t.


Coach Brown said...

I don't like Morgan either but Ball is totally ducking the question, and the question is legitimate.

Since he's a legislator, would he support the torture of American citizens that engage in acts of terror?

Anonymous said...

These guys are prime examples of the lack of thought and appropriate investigation being used prior to granting permanent resident/citizenship. The same goes for "refugee status", which in this case wasn't justified, since both parents are living back "in the old country" without duress and one of the brothers recently spent 6 months there (likely plotting terrorism). Sen Ball should have pointed out the fatal error made in granting either status to these guys. Also, it's not "domestic violence", it's "Islamic terrorism". Our politicians and bureaucrats need to pull their heads out of the sand, enforce current laws and enact new ones severely restricting visas, including student ones, from Islamic countries, without very tight controls and extensive investigation prior to granting entry. There are plenty of people wanting to come here who don't present those risks.

Darren said...

I thought he answered the question. Several times. Emphatically.

What he didn't answer, because he wasn't asked, was whether he'd support legislation that would allow law enforcement to torture American citizens.

I like his "personal" answer but would not accept it if he voted that way. There are lots of things I'd *like* to do, but I wouldn't support laws allowing them. Same thing here.

Hube said...

FYI: It's "huevos," not "juevos." ;-)

Darren said...