Friday, April 12, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The good:

Today a former student dropped by to let me know that he just graduated from one of our district's "learn it on computer" diploma programs.  I'm proud of him and pleased that he came by to tell me about it.

The bad:

Even though they're graduating three weeks earlier than usual, my seniors have decided that it's already summer.  It's very difficult as a teacher to deal with such nonchalance.

The ugly:

My sprinkler system seems to have a few shorts in it; I can identify the shorts exist but I cannot find them.


Ellen K said...

Many of my seniors cashed it in back in November. I have five seniors who need credit in my class to graduate. They are all failing, and failing badly, due to frequent absences and missing work. I guess they think I would not dare to give them a failing grade. I've done due diligence and warned them and their parents. But since it's "just art" it doesn't matter. I guess the fact that I make kids write, read and research means nothing. I should simply resort to glitter and glue.

neko said...

" I can identify the shorts exist but I cannot find them."

Yeah. I'm having the same problem with my laundry...