Saturday, April 20, 2013

Makes You Wonder

If she did post this, one wonders how she could ever have worked in a school so long without someone knowing she's the vile racist that she is:
Ms. Wright was a counselor at Andrew Jackson Middle School in Grand Prairie ISD. That was until the district announced that she has been “immediately relieved of all duties.” The action was reportedly taken after an offensive remark written from her Facebook page (now removed from the web) was posted on WFAA-TV’s Facebook page.  The statement in question referenced to the tragedy in West, Texas....(screenshot of her post included in this story)
Ms. Wright claims she didn't write the post; will the school district get in trouble for their knee-jerk reaction of firing her so quickly?
Ms. Wright sees things differently, claiming that her account was hacked. TheBlaze has been unsuccessful in our attempts to make contact with Ms. Wright through her Linked In account and other sources. We would like to know more about the alleged hacking of her Facebook account.

In a statement to the ABC TV affiliate, Wright wrote;
“My Facebook account was hacked and the statement that was made is not of my character. I am a school counselor who will never 1) jeopardize my family, 2) jeopardize my job, and 3) jeopardize the trust of the students, parents, staff, faculty, and administration of GPISD.”
WFFA’s website is also reporting that she has hired an attorney and filed a complaint with Facebook.
She doesn't deny being a racist, she only says she wouldn't jeopardize her family and her job (by letting her racism become known).


MikeAT said...


Her Facebook page got hacked. Ain't that the story Little Anthony Weiner used when you was showing his own true, if pathetic side?

Ellen K said...

Sadly there are people on all sides that secretly harbor such thoughts. That someone is an educator charged with the futures of children of all ethnicities makes this sadder still. The secret most school boards do not want to address is that many in the African American community hold other races in disdain and think they have been given the right to do so. Consider the plight of many of our Asian students. The mutual antagonism between African American and Latino school board members has become a public brawl as funding cuts are now falling for Hispanic schools and taking away from programs and entities in the African American schools. And while that sounds like segregation, in many regards it is a type of self-segregation where Latinos and African Americans choose to live in communities where their children are the majority ethnicity in the school and where activities center around those important to those populations. I don't think, or rather I hope and pray, such attitudes would not be expressed by counselors in a diverse district, but then again, although not particularly wealthy, Grand Prairie is a suburb.I guess the lesson is that social media is an open forum and if you express controversial views, you had better be able to stand the heat.