Saturday, April 06, 2013

A Timely Reminder, Especially For The Girls

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This has been on my board for the last week, and will probably stay there for one more.

It's school, not the beach.  You don't have to dress like you're in Congress, but neither should you be wearing Daisy Dukes to class.  Seriously.


maxutils said...

Remind me again ... what does state law dictate a dress code can preclude? Because no dress code I've seen in San Juan follows the law...

Ellen K said...

This gets into an area that drives me batty. It seems sagging has gone away. But now I have girls in leggings and not much else showing up for class. Frankly, they might as well not be wearing anything. Then there's the girl who wears hot pink bras under see through shirts. What parent lets their kids go to school dressed like this? And don't get me started on Victoria's Secret marketing lingerie to tweens.

Darren said...

I don't blame Victoria's Secret. I blame parents who allow kids to own that sorta stuff.

Anonymous said...

Just make sure that your line is reasonable.

I've seen too many people selectively enforce dress codes on girls. That's usually because they blame the girls for getting the boys to act inappropriately.

But the reaction to someone else is caused by the person who acts, not the person who walks by. If the sight of bare shoulders or thigh makes people salivate, don't blame the girls for it.

Darren said...

Some might say that flashing thigh (all the way up to the "camel toe" area) or midriff is a form of sexual harassment.

Dress appropriately.

When boys' showing off their underwear was fashionable, I busted them for that, too. Right now the fashion for boys doesn't violate reasonable norms of decency, so they're not the ones getting in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Some might say that flashing thigh (all the way up to the "camel toe" area) or midriff is a form of sexual harassment.

Er... sure. Some folks might SAY it. But they'd be wrong.

You don't "harass someone" because they have the hots for you. You don't "harass someone" because they want to act inappropriately--and that applies whether you are conventionally beautiful or whether you're unconventionally attractive and appeal to a different set of viewers.

I see plenty of gorgeous 18 year old girls in tight, small outfits. Yet even though some of them look like teen porn stars I do not harass them. If I did, it wouldn't be THEIR fault; it would be MY fault.

Sure: the existence of hot girls makes it harder for teenage boys to avoid walking around with discomfort. But that's just life.

RJ said...

Do your administrators back you on your support for adherence to the dress code?

Darren said...

Yes, they do.

And for anonymous: your logic is silly. Using it, if someone flashes you, it's *your* fault for looking.