Monday, April 01, 2013

A Phrase To Break Your Heart

Want to read a phrase that’ll break your heart?  “Forever home.”  I read it in this article.  It’s what potentially adoptive children call what most of us probably took for granted.

The gist of the article:  gay marriage isn't enough to solve our adoption problem:
That said, let's not get our hopes up for a gay marriage adoption revolution.

There are, to a first approximation, zero healthy adoptable babies in the US foster care system.  Of the 400,000 kids in the system, as Ezra points out, 300,000 can't be adopted because there's a relative still in the picture who hopes to get that kid back.  Of the 100,000 who can be adopted, very few of them fit the criteria that most couples (including gay ones) have for adoption...
"Forever home."  That's what I took from the article.

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Anonymous said...

My cousin and her husband adopted two young children that her family had welcomed as foster children. Some special needs, though not as severe as those of the children mentioned in the article.