Tuesday, June 05, 2012

This Is Not How To Properly Deal With The Issue

I wrote just a few days ago about lousy decorum at high school graduations, but this is absolutely the wrong way to deal with it:
When Anthony walked across the stage at his high school graduation, his family made some noise.
"It was my dream to graduate," he said.

 "I'm very proud of my son," Traci Cornist said.

 Apparently, so were a lot of others.

"Teachers, other students and other family members who weren't with us were also cheering for him also. He's well known," Traci said.

The excitement proved too much for the administration.

Instead of a diploma, Anthony got a letter from the principal, Marlon Styles, Jr.

 "I will be holding your diploma in the main office," the letter said, "due to the excessive cheering your guests displayed during the roll call."

"I did nothing wrong except walk across the stage," Anthony said.

The school demands 20 hours of community service before he can graduate.
He's right.  His family should have been escorted from the ceremony.

It's one thing to be proud of your kid, quite another to be an ass about it.  Of course, the school officials are being asses, too.  Is there anyone in this story who is not an ass?

Hat tip to reader MikeAT.


Steve USMA '85 said...

What is your suggestion in this situation then? Are you seriously suggesting that everyone cheering be escorted from the facility? Sounds like they would have to just about empty the building. I don't think that would go over too good.

Mind you, I'm not sure what to do in this situation either.

Anonymous said...

The master of ceremonies should say at the outset: "Friends and family, your sons and daughters seated here are all graduating from (high school, 8th grade, kindergarten, law school, etc.) We ask that you all stand and cheer wildly for two minutes...really scream and show your excitement...don't hold back...ready go!" Let them scream for 2 minutes and ask that they take their seats. Then say, "we now ask that you remain silent during the call of names and hold your applause until the last name is called." That will work for 99% of the crowd. You'll always have a small percent that won't listen to anything or any instruction...just deal with it.

Anonymous said...

I could see using the electrical amplifier that comes with the microphone to make sure that each kid's name is heard. You want to scream really loudly for your kid? No problem, we'll just dial up the loudness when announcing the one after. The machine *can* be louder than the screaming family.

I don't know if this works or helps, but it might.

-Mark Roulo

Ellen K said...

Anyone who has been to graduation ceremonies at any level from Kindergarten to college has witnessed otherwise sane adults do things that not only are inappropriate to the ceremony at hand, but which impede the ability of other parents to see their own children graduate. My two oldest kids graduated with honors, but I couldn't even hear it because of a loud, rowdy family that brought airhorns, banners, balloons and bells to make noise as their graduate walked across. I don't care how hard it was for that student, my kids deserved better as did the other students in attendance. I'm sorry, but the majority of these parents are minority parents who seem clueless as to the import of demonstrating appropriate behavior. And it's not all minority parents, but a few who seem to think nobody else's child matters.

Peter Reilly said...

Doesn't seem like the kid seems like an ass in this story.

GAHCindy said...

His ignoramus mother needs to do the community service. She embarrassed him. What did he do to anybody? Holy cow. Really??