Thursday, June 28, 2012


To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement, and I hope the Congress is up to the task of what must be done:
The Supreme Court has refused to save us from ourselves. The remedy now will have to be political.
I guess for the liberals, the Supreme Court is "legitimate" again--until next time.

This is another Kelo decision, one of those decisions I just cannot understand.  As I did when that decision was handed down I'm forced to ask: what are the limits on government?

Is it too extreme to say that there are no constitutional limits on government anymore?  Because I fear that's the case.


MikeAT said...

I was on the department rifle range when this came down and one a pissed off officer made some comment. I said "No, we don't have a Constitution anymore..."

We then agreed to stop our discussion. We were all pissed off and we had guns.

mazenko said...

OK, I'll weigh in.

I was quite shocked that they went with the tax argument - though I actually thought it was the most obvious answer, and it should have been the primary thrust of the law and defense in the first place.

Thus, no one is forced to buy a product. Congress can tax, and give tax breaks. In essence, people receive a tax break if they self-insure. People can choose not to self insure - they just pay a fine/tax if they don't. And it really means they are being asked to pay for that which they are using anyway because everyone access health care.

I'm duly shocked that it was Roberts alone, and not Stevens alone, or Roberts and Stevens joining the supporters of the law. So, in essence, we have a health care law based on an idea that originated with a conservative GOP think tank as a free market solution, was first implemented by a GOP governor, and has now been supported by a majority opinion written by a conservative chief justice who was appointed by a GOP president.

Very interesting.

Ellen K said...

I am disappointed too. But on looking back now I see a few things. First, the court cited the "penalty" as a TAX. That refutes Obama's own claim that the penalty was not a tax. Obama is taxing the Middle class. More taxes, more lies. Second, the court in its final statement basically said you folks voted these clowns into office, if you want things to change, vote them out. My biggest concern is that there are so many people who view this as a free ride when down the road it will cost all of far too much. I have a son who aged out of my policy but who can't find a viable full time job. He will literally be making a decision between insurance and rent. As for me, I do not know how we are going to survive. The further suppression of jobs and economic growth is killing us as a nation. But just FYI you might want to look up Obama's 2008 stump speech on this topic to union members. This is just the first step. He intends to push for more. And that is why we cannot reelect him.

Darren said...

If anything good comes from this ruling, it's that our friends on the left have a newfound respect for 5-4 decisions.