Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Darkness in the Light

Today started out as a great day.  Our seniors took their last final exams and are now in the process of checking out, with graduation just 2 days away.  School ends for everyone else next Monday (don't ask) and for teachers next Tuesday.  The weather was beautiful.

At lunch we got word that the son of one of our teachers died this morning.  It was a freak accident, nothing that could be planned for.  I knew him, he'd gone to trivia night a few times.  Very nice kid.  College graduate.  Got a good job relatively recently and was finally starting that climb that so many of us remember from our 20's.  An only child for both of his parents.

I'm sending his dad, my colleague, a card, but it feels like such a hollow gesture.


Anonymous said...

What happened?

Ellen K said...

Losing a child at any time is something no parent prepares for. It destroys marriages. It destroyed my husband's family when his 24 year old brother died in a car accident. To make it through two tours of Vietnam and then die on a highway in Alabama was ironic. A friend of mine is going through this now as the anniversary of her 21 year old's drowning comes up. There's nothing you can say to make it better. All you can do is be there.