Saturday, December 10, 2011

Professional Teachers, Practicing Tolerance With Open Minds

If this is how they act regarding a fellow adult, do you think they really allow students to express their views in class? Are the teachers truly impartial in their dealings?
Apparently there’s no room for free thought or disagreement within the Wisconsin Education Association Council.

We suppose that’s not terribly surprising for a group that has to force its members to join.

Still, it’s troubling to hear that Kristi LaCroix, the courageous public school teacher who had the guts to film a television ad supporting Gov. Scott Walker’s reforms, is being harassed by union zealots to the point where she wants to change careers...

“Going through and deleting my daily amount of hate mail that is sent to my work email. I have now been assured, by one of the emails (all of which I forward to my Principal) that there is an online movement called ‘Fire Kristi‘ where they are going to email, post and talk to everyone (telling) millions of stories to ruin my reputation, career and life."

There's something very, very wrong with teachers in Wisconsin. We've heard from this crowd before....


Ellen K said...

If I were her, I would be saving that email for prosecution of union rabble if anyone so much as parks too close to her car.

mrelliott said...

Isn't this harassment? Can't she press charges against the union?

Curmudgeon said...

In the same vein, FoxNews this morning "Iowa State University lecturer needs lesson in why he should care about the men and women in the military" and the suggestion was made that everyone watching should send him letters with photos of loved ones who serve. To this point, I'm okay. "It may not matter to him but it's really for you."

Then there was the suggestion that everyone send him letters soaked in cat-pee, and then went on a rant about all teachers, professors and all academics are stupid fools.

"He might actually be deserving of the cat-pee."

It really is tiresome.