Friday, December 02, 2011

Anyone Have Any Witty Titles For This Post?

Some people are just sick:
A third-grade teacher who resigned this week after parents accused her of dressing their daughters in lingerie and photographing them at a Christmas party was arrested on Thursday.

Crain had been an elementary teacher for six years in McLoud, Oklahoma, about 30 miles east of Oklahoma City, when she allegedly invited third- and fourth-grade girls to her home last month for a Christmas party. She is accused of having the girls dress in holiday-themed bras and panties and photographing them.
What could possibly be sexually appealing about 8 and 9-year-olds? Ew.

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mrelliott said...

Why is she inviting students to her home???? And, WHY are parents allowing their children to go??? Keep your relationship with your students where it school!

Witty Titles?

I don't know--this is just too disgusting for wit.