Saturday, November 19, 2011

Would It Be OK If She Weren't Using District Equipment?

I say yes, but don't have confidence that courts would agree with me--we've got to hold teachers to the "halo/angel" standard:
Hot for teacher? She's got a business plan for that, apparently.

A 35-year-old California high school teacher is in hot water this week after her ex-husband reportedly revealed she was allegedly running "several" porn sites, including, from her district-issue laptop, Fox 40 in Stockton reports.
Darren's opinion: with very few extreme exceptions, what a teacher does in his/her off-duty hours is no business of the school district, especially if that conduct is legal.


Bartender Cabbie said...

Teachers always need to supplement their ridiculous salaries.

mrelliott said...

Darren, your district didn't make you take the vows of poverty, celibacy, and obedience??

Mine did......

Slobyskya Rotchikokov said...

Actually, this is a case in which one must face certain facts - do people who take a teaching position do it only for the money? If so, then the lives of their students won't mean a damned thing to them; screw the kids, just gimme my check.
IF a teacher actually DOES care about the students, then the teacher will be aware that whatever he or she does away from school, will affect every kid under his or her tutelage, because we do not live in a bubble just because we leave our job. If a teacher is so stupid, selfish, and utterly lacking any clue as to the meaning of morality or decency, that she runs porn sites, knowing but not giving a damn that this will get back to her kids and deeply change their perception of her, then piss on her. She needs to get a job at Dairy Queen or maybe the TSA.

Kids in government schools are already being churned out with diplomas even though they ahve the IQ of a rock; they don't need depraved people in positions of authority over them. If you can't hack the job, then get a different one.

Darren said...

I care about my students, but that doesn't mean that my entire life is an altar to them.

What "mistakes" merit getting fired? Pre-marital sex? Watching porn? Smoking pot? Getting a speeding ticket? How about being an underwear model for Sears?

You want to fire this woman for running a legal business. I wouldn't want to fire a teacher for breaking the law by violating the speed limit. Hmm, quite the quandary.

Ellen K said...

Her big mistake was doing it from a district laptop. Any teacher that dumb deserves what she or he gets.

maxutils said...

The bummer is, Ellen K beat me to my comment. That said . . . unless she's promoting her site in class, a) no one else's business and b) she wouldn't have been found out.