Thursday, November 03, 2011

It's The Major, Stupid.

I've said it a zillion times: there's nothing wrong with getting a sociology degree, or a Film History degree, or an Underwater Basket Weaving degree. I'm all about having the freedom to self-actualize, and to pursue whatever courses of study we choose to in life. But if you think people should pay you for your Underwater Basket Weaving degree, you're sorely mistaken. We as adults are responsible for the choices we make:
We write a lot on Economix about whether college is worth it. In a piece in Investor’s Business Daily, Alex Tabarrok, an economics professor at George Mason University, suggests that Americans are focusing on the wrong question. They shouldn’t be debating whether college in general is “worth it”; they should instead be thinking about whether the specific college degree they’re considering is marketable.
Update, 11/4/11: How many math/science/engineering majors do you think are participating in the Occupy (insert city here) movement?


Anonymous said...

Considering the "student-debt bailout" as a low priority (and relatively unpopular) objective of the Occupy movement, I don't think there is an overwhelming majority of liberal arts majors taking to the streets. Isn't government cronyism and corporate politics detestable to any indebted college graduate?

mazenko said...

Excellent point, D.

An op-ed piece on whether certain majors are worth it is certainly on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the Florida governor recently questioned the desirability of taxpayer-funded scholarships for some majors. Literally all of my kid's friends at UF had 100% state scholarships, which even covered books. Since there are steps (25,50,75,100%), based on SAT and GPA, UF sees a higher percentage of kids at the top end, since it's the flagship campus. Kids must keep a 3.0 to keep the funding; once lost, never regained.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.