Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Bit Too Dramatic?

The pedophilia scandal regarding one Penn State coach lessens the value of a Penn State diploma?
The human tragedy that's become the Penn State University child molestation scandal is forcing some high school students to think twice about attending the college — and to question whether a PSU diploma still has value.

"Several students I work with are expressing reluctance in attending PSU because of the scandal," says Naomi Steinberg, an independent college advisor in Boca Raton, Florida.
I don't see how the scandal affects the academic performance of Penn State graduates, but that's just me.


Jason Whitaker said...

Not sure the two are that related that students should consider not going there or that their degree is worth less. Not sure if I were a top football player I'd want to be apart of PSU for a year or two. Seems like the program is going to be distracted for some time while this all shakes out.

mrelliott said...

Didn't you know?? Football is the be all, end all, everything revolves around it, center of the universe!! Its effects are magnanimous and far-reaching, so as to influence even rice farmers in Indonesia, and fishermen from Thailand. If something isn't done soon, universities will collapse worldwide!

With such catastrophic possibilities, shouldn't our government institute a "Your degree is crap" bail out program??? I mean, really....these poor students!!

(posted dripping in sarcasm)

Steve USMA '85 said...

The issue as I see it is the long-term financial stability of the entire institution.

First, the school is going to be sued for millions (if not hundreds of millions) of dollars.

Second, the football program program could conceivably be sanctioned by the NCAA. If the sanctions include no bowl games, that revenue stream will be affected.

Third, with the football program under the shadow of potential sanctions, it will be hard to recruit the top athletes needed to keep Penn State in the top-tier further affecting the football revenue stream.

Fourth, Alumni will be hesitant to donate in the near future. The super-rich will not be donating a building to be named after them while this scandal is in the headlines. Another definite hit to a major revenue stream.

Fifth, prospective students, whether rightly or wrongly, will hesitate to go to a school where they will be teased about majoring in pedophilia and worse.

Sixth, the State of Pennsylvania government might take action by reducing State support of the school to 'punish' the school.

There may be other ramifications I haven't listed but the bottom line is, in fact, the Bottom Line. Penn State is going to be hurting financially for the foreseeable future. What are they going to cut back on to pay off the lawsuits and operate on a much-reduced budget? I submit that extra-curricular activities, clubs and such, will be hard hit. Hiring top-notch (read high-priced) faculty will be on hold for a while. Investment in the classroom will be reduced. Class sizes might go up do to the cost-cutting/savings measures they will have to take.

Yep, I can see this easily affecting the quality of education at Penn State.