Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Football Coach In The News

The news out of Happy Valley has been pretty grim the last week or two, so let's see what we can find out in, oh, say, Wyoming:
A high school football coach in Wyoming has resigned after orchestrating what may be the single-least appropriate motivational tactic in recent years, handing his players a "Hurt Feelings Report" in which students were asked to select from various offensive options to describe why they were upset.

As first reported by the Buffalo Bulletin, Casper Star-Tribune and The Advocate before being circulated throughout the Internet, Buffalo (Wyo.) High football coach Pat Lynch offered up a questionnaire to his players that offered the following possible reasons for their disappointment, as reported by The Advocate (Warning: Some of the choices are pretty abhorrent):

The survey, under a list of reasons for hurt feelings, includes such choices as "I am a queer," "I am a little bitch," and "I have woman like hormones." It asks for the name of the "little sissy filing report" and his "girly-man signature," plus the "real-man signature" of the person accused of causing hurt feelings.

You can see a full copy of the survey here.

After an investigation into the survey, Lynch tendered his resignation on Wednesday, with the Buffalo school board accepting it days later.
OK, definitely inappropriate even if it is a little bit funny--and let's be honest, it is a bit funny. But you want to know what the funniest part of the whole story is?
Still, the now-former coach will be allowed to continue as a guidance counselor at the school.
You can't make this stuff up!

P.S. His "report" is a little reminiscent of things my first battery commander used to say, but as soldiers, we were grown men.


MikeAT said...

And unlike the Army, school should have adult supervision.

mrelliott said...

Sounds like this was a joke that went wrong. Of course, if this was all just a joke, it was incredibly poor taste. As a former high school teacher, I always observed that coaches could get away with things us normal teachers couldn't, like cussing at the players. If I said half the things the football coach said to his players, I would have been fired, or at least, recorded and put on You Tube.