Sunday, October 16, 2011

Should This Woman Be Teaching Kids?


Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but in reality, we all know that some opinions are "more equal" than others. Anyone who suggests that people of her "minority status" should be run out of this country would be considered ineligible to teach kids. I predict she will suffer no ill effects from her oh-so-public statement....

Update, 10/19/11: According to Andrew Breitbart, I was wrong:
Substitute teacher Patricia McAllister was fired for saying the "Zionist Jews" who are running our banks "need to be run out of this country."

In defending herself, McAllister reiterated her belief that Jews are "destroying this nation."

Update #2, 10/19/11: EIA has more:
The Los Angeles Unified School District summarily fired McAllister for her remarks. Evidently this is permitted, even though substitutes can become members of United Teachers Los Angeles and are covered by a number of provisions in the collective bargaining agreement...

Since Ms. McAllister was so vocal and direct with her opinions, even in light of the consequences and the media glare, my question is this: Did she never before express these views to her co-workers or superiors? If she did, why wasn’t she fired earlier?

My sense is that you can spout this stuff and suffer no more than office ostracism, unless you do so in front of the cameras.


Cal said...

This is one of the things that bothers me, though. Why aren't teachers allowed to be public with their opinions without risking their jobs?

Yes, I realize she probably won't be at risk because she's black. But if she's a good teacher, if her views don't come out at work, then why should it make a difference?

Don't teachers have the right to express opinions? I ask that seriously, because I think the answer is "no". And a Republican, of all people, should be worried about that, because lots of schools are so heavily Democratic that Republicans could be at risk.

Darren said...

If I were to say that blacks should be run out of this country, my job would definitely be at risk. Whether it should be at risk or not is immaterial to my argument, it would be at risk. The two reasons her job isn't at risk are that she's black and her targets are Jews (not very well-known for protesting and rioting in this country). I don't like the double standard or the hypocrisy.

MikeAT said...

To answer your first question Darren, no. I find her blatant anti-semitism disgusting.

Anonymous said...

She says "I work for the LAUSD", thus she could be a classified worker. So the real question might be, "Should this woman be allowed to clean the toilets of school children?" I say, "Yes, she should!"