Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Orthopedics Appt Today, Update On My Recovery

Within 3 minutes of the bell's having rung today, I was getting into my car--had to rush to my ortho appointment to see how my recovery is progressing. Made it to the office with 2 minutes to spare!

The doctor is pleased with the improvement in strength and flexibility in my quad muscles and knee, saying the muscle mass looks good. She recommends I lay off running on the treadmill for another couple months until I get more strength in the leg, and since I don't enjoy her suggestion of riding the bikes at the gym, she suggested swimming (but the gym pool is cold!). I'll probably stick with my leg extensions and leg presses :-)

The best news, though, is that progress is sufficient such that she didn't schedule a next appointment, moving me instead to an "as needed" basis. I'm a week-and-a-half short of six months into this.


Sienna Christie said...

How are your knees and muscles right now? I'm sure they are perfectly fine now after the therapy - ready for running, kicking or for cycling around. Perhaps you can finally ski again next winter.

Darren said...

That comment came on Feb 29, as does this one :)

My leg is now as flexible as it ever was, but it's still not as strong as it was. Walking is easy, but it's not fluid; running is even less fluid. There's *still*, after all the time I've spent at the gym, a noticeable difference in size between the two legs.

But I'm still going to make that mile run on the 1-year anniversary, on April 23rd.

Darren said...

Today is April 17th--just a few days left until I have to run that mile. Just this past weekend I made it a mile on a treadmill for the first time, so I'm thinking that next Monday I'll be able to pull it off on the track.