Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Bound To Change Someday, Probably In My Lifetime

From Gallup:
A record-high 50% of Americans now say the use of marijuana should be made legal, up from 46% last year. Forty-six percent say marijuana use should remain illegal.
Marijuana is now so readily available, and its cost to society so low, that I can find no legitimate reason to criminalize its possession and use. My conservative viewpoint is that government does not have a legitimate reason to prohibit it.

I think marijuana is like "the gay thing"--it's not so much a conservative/liberal issue as it is a younger/older issue. I know plenty of older liberals who cringe at the mere mention of anything gay, and can't understand how anyone but a pothead can be for legalizing marijuana, even though both of these positions are supposedly "conservative".


Happy Elf Mom said...

My grandmother was very, VERY conservative and she was for legalizing marijuana when I knew her in the 70's. I think often people mix up financial and social conservatives and the two are not necessarily the same thing at all. :)

maxutils said...

Although, its cost to society is currently really 'high'. . . .seeing as we spend an obscene amount of money arresting, trying, and jailing users.