Friday, October 28, 2011

An Interesting Juxtaposition of Stories About Socialist Health Care (aka Obamacare)

Pelosi Defends Obamacare Waivers To 1,800 Firms: "They're Small Companies"

Support waning for Obama healthcare law: poll

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maxutils said...

Once again, the answer:

1) Don't require people to carry health insurance, but a) offer a tax deduction to those who do; and b) deny care to those who don't and can't pay, even if they are dying in the parking lot.

2) Forbid employers from offering health insurance as part of their compensation package. I know that seems counter intuitive, but large employers buying in to a single plan, like Kaiser, helps to monopolize the industry while at the same time driving down wages. Interestingly? Employers started offering health care en masse when FDR declared a wage freeze. People will always respond to incentives.

3) Allow absolutely free competition among healthcare providers. Across state lines, or no.

4) Offer a governmentally funded, but profit neutural policy for low income people. Once again, counter intuitive . . . but, we're already paying for these people in the form of higher premiums. If they're paying in ANYTHING we're better off.

5) Allow transferability with no penalty for pre-existing conditions. Kaiser's AIDS having, cancer riidden patient transferring to Sutter will cancel out the opposite scenario.

6)Enact tort reform laws. Stuff happens when you undergo surgery . . .most of the time it works, and when it doesn't, it's usually an accident. So, unless you can prove gross negligence -- no punitive damages, and caps on what you can receive in any event, based on the severity of the damage.

See? all fixed.