Saturday, March 05, 2011

You May Not Agree With Wisconsin Governor Walker, But Do You Support This?

A Connecticut town must provide their union workers free coffee and milk, according to a ruling from the State Board of Labor Relations.

The board also ordered town leaders to reinstate “Dress Down Fridays” for the union clerical and custodial workers.

The dispute involved the town of Orange and the local chapter of the United Public Service Employees Union.

The board determined the town retaliated against the union members for comments they made at a finance meeting in 2009.

The day after that meeting, First Selectman James Zeloi eliminated the free coffee and milk and the following day ended “Dress Down Friday.” Zeoli told The New Haven Register that he pulled the plug on the coffee to save money and stopped casual Fridays because some employees were abusing the privilege.

“It shows you how crazy state government has become,” Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy told Fox News Radio. “You’d almost laugh at it, if it wasn’t so serious in tone.

This is just another black eye on state government.”

Via Fox News.

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Ellen K said...

On another note, back when I freelanced for the local newspaper, every nook of the writers' room on the second floor had a coffee maker. This was back when there was a double horseshoe of twenty computers that were staffed by writers 24/7. The news company, seeking to make a buck, banned the private coffee pots in their nooks and mandated that all coffee would be purchased from the comissary downstairs. For $1.00 (costly at the time fifteen years back) you got what appeared to be hot water colored with dirt. And it tasted about that bad as well. Plus the comissary closed at midnight, which left the graveyard shift without much needed caffeine. The writers threatened to walk out. And only when their "rights" to have their own coffee makers in cubicles or common areas was upheld did they return to work. in the day. Frankly right now, I would settle for just having whoever drank the last cup make another pot. Darned coaches.....