Thursday, March 03, 2011

We Didn't Have Classes Like This At My School

More than 100 Northwestern University students watched as a naked 25-year-old woman was penetrated by a sex toy wielded by her fiancee during an after-class session of the school’s popular “Human Sexuality” class.

The woman said she showed up at the Feb. 21 lecture in the Ryan Family Auditorium in Evanston expecting just to answer questions, but was game to demonstrate. The course’s professor on Wednesday acknowledged some initial hesitation, but said student feedback was “uniformly positive.”

And Northwestern defended the class and its professor.
What words and phrases come to mind? Decency. Boundaries. Common sense. All three of them are lacking.

Update, 3/5/11: I guess it got a little hot in the kitchen:

A Northwestern University professor has apologized for allowing a couple to demonstrate the use of a sex toy after one of his classes.

But J. Michael Bailey said Saturday that he sees "absolutely no harm" in what happened.

The psychology professor said he regrets upsetting people and hurting Northwestern's reputation.


Ellen K said...

Obviously someone forgot that there are still public obscenity standards. Frankly I think someone should be arrested.

pseudotsuga said...

How much is tuition there? $39,840...that's a lot of money for a peep show that's probably free on the internet.
Northwestern certainly didn't condemn the professor-- President Morton Schapiro wrote in a public release, "I have directed that we investigate fully the specifics of this incident, and also clarify what constitutes appropriate pedagogy, both in this instance and in the future."

Hey, lets bar the door after the horse already left the building!

PeggyU said...

The first word that came to my mind was "refund" ...

Scott McCall said...

no one can get arrested because there weren't any laws broken. he reviewed laws and college rules before he did it.

forgot to mention that the school ORIGINALLY defended him, now they aren't

Peter Reilly said...

Do you need to matriculate to audit classes there ?

MikeAT said...

Other words Darren....pornography and obscenity.


skeneogden said...

Maybe the college should branch out in to bachelor parties. Think of all of the extra income, especially if you can get the students to "demonstrate" for free (extra credit?).

Rose said...

Now there's a fiance who really respects his bride-to-be. Lovely couple.

PeggyU said...

I read yesterday that the professor made a public apology. The comments after the article were strongly supportive of the perverted prof, however. Most of the people who responded to the article said that since it is a private school, was an after hours class, and since students knew up front there might be visual presentations, that this is a private, rather than public, issue.

I disagree, in that I can see no real educational benefit from watching someone do this. Anyone who can't figure out how to use a sex toy is too stupid to function well in college classes. Do they also need demonstrations on how to operate a bar of soap? Or change their clothes? No, the reason was voyeurism, rather than education, and there is no need for a college to support that.