Monday, February 28, 2011

A White Guy Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Is this where we're headed?

Colby Bohannan said that when he first applied to college, his family didn't have a huge stockpile of money set aside to pay for school. He found many scholarships for women and minorities, but none aimed at people like him: white men.

"I felt excluded," said Bohannan, a Texas State University student. "If everyone else can find scholarships, why are we left out?"

So Bohannan, a mass communication major and Iraq war veteran, and others formed the Former Majority Association for Equality — a San Marcos-based nonprofit group that is offering five $500 scholarships exclusively to white male students.

Bohannan, the group's president, said the name comes from the idea that "if you're not a male, and if you're not white, you're called a minority." However, he said, "I'm not sure white males are the majority anymore"...

Applicants need to be at least 25 percent Caucasian, have a GPA exceeding 3.0 and demonstrate financial need.


LeftCoastConservative said...

Why are you surprised. It has been clear to me since my college days (1983 - 1988) that white, male, conservative, heterosexual men are the new "niggers".

And if you don't have the courage to post this without editing out the word "nigger", replacing it with the "N-word", then you are part of the problem that Mr. Bohannan is fighting against.

Scott Alexander McCall said...

I am 100% ok with this. I was never able to find scholarships because of this. But it's only a matter of time before a member of a minority claims this is racist and discriminatory.

MikeAT said...

I just want to know if that known terrorist group called the IRS grant them tax free status like all the other groups that give out minority scholarships?

Ellen K said...

Right now, despite the claims of all the special interests, there are less male students than female student enrolled in our colleges. Male students are more likely to be labeled as aggressive, troubled, mentally ill or learning impaired. There are countless scholarships for every religion, every race, every gender, every gender preference, left handedness, redheadedenss and more. Part of the double edge sword of the creation of scholarships with such narrow and biased intentions is that other such scholarships would be created. I know people who work in college recruiting and given that the test scores and grades were the same, a student who was a minority or female would always be offered scholarships first as they were viewed as populations discriminated against. So what is supposed to happen to all those white males without access to student loans, scholarships or special programs? I know my kids worked full time while attending college. They are paying off loans now. This is despite a top ten percent graduation rate, membership in honor societies, elite bands and other programs. I have to wonder if my own children's college experiences would have been more beneficial had they been given the mentoring, advising, special programs and peer assistance? Instead they made it on their own. At some point, if you make scholarships for any single group, you must allow them for all. And by the way, for those that push for the Bible to be in schools, if you allow that, you had better get ready to read the Vedas, the Quran and the Talmud as well. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

DADvocate said...

The AARP has a scholarship program only for women 40 and older, ie based on gender and age. Why not a scholarship for white males except that it goes against the politically correct grain? I applaud him. I've wished I had the money to do the same thing many times.