Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not Enough "Tolerance" in Davis

I've previously referred to the nearby city of Davis, home of the University of California at Davis, as "Berkeley-lite". If I haven't offered enough prior evidence for the title, try this:

The University of California at Davis has backed away from a policy that defined religious discrimination as Christians oppressing non-Christians after more than two dozen Christian students filed a formal complaint.

The definition is listed in a document called, “The Principles of Community.” It defines “Religious/Spiritual Discrimination” as “The loss of power and privilege to those who do not practice the dominant culture’s religion. In the United States, this is institutionalized oppressions toward those who are not Christian.”

I guess it's progress that they're "backing away" from such a policy, but imagine for a moment what the environment must be like for such a policy ever to see the light of day in the first place. That is why I call Davis "Berkeley-lite".


LeftCoastConservative said...

I am a U.C. Davis alumni. B.S. Electrical Engineering 1988. Besides engineering, U.C. Davis taught me that a conservative student needed to keep quiet about ones values if one wanted to avoid ostracism. I am not surprised that such a policy was proposed, but I am surprised that it was rescinded.

Anonymous said...

First they have to explain just how not following a religion (ANY religion) in contemporary America leads to "loss of power and privilege".

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Anonymous said...

Try running for President as an atheist.

Darren said...

Make a big deal of your religion (or lack thereof), or any other personal belief, and you *risk* alienating people by identifying yourself as "not one of us".